Agency vs. Freelancer

Agency vs. Freelancer

Agency vs Freelancer, which would you chose?


Hiring an agency

A translation agency is a company that offers language services in a wide variety of languages for others. They employ a multitude of linguistics who, depending on the agency, offers everything from translation to copywriting, transcribing to editing.



One-stop shop – Agencies do more than provide language services. They have project managers that monitor your project from start to finish to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Another great thing about hiring an agency is that you only have to communicate with one or two people, in contrast to hiring a handful of freelancers who need to be contacted and managed individually.



More expensive – All the help an agency provides through advice, project management, recommendations, planning, and reporting comes at a premium. Be prepared to pay more than you would to a freelancer.


Hiring a freelancer

A freelance translator is an individual who makes part or all of his or her income through translating content for others and is often not available 24/7.



Simpler hiring process – Hiring a freelancer can be as easy as posting to Social Media and asking for recommendations. It may take a few phone calls, but generally you can hire a freelancer quickly and without much fuss.



Fewer resources – There is only so many languages a freelancer can offer. Depending on their workload, they may not have as much time to dedicate to you as would an agency.


Narrower expertise – No matter his or her intelligence, a single person can only know so much. If you require specialised work done, an agency generally has a team that specialises in your field.


Ultimately, there is no absolute correct answer for choosing between an agency and a freelancer. Everything depends on your specific project and your specific needs. Take a deep look into your objectives, timeline and budget and use them as a framework to find the best possible partner for your project.

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