Budget vs. Quality

Budget vs. Quality

Budget vs. Quality

Before any project can commence there is always that one important factor, among others, that needs to be considered. How much is this going to cost and will it be worth it? Does your budget allow for a quality job?

Poor quality and average service often go hand-in-hand. Your company’s information is being portrayed to a whole new audience in a language that you most likely do not understand. Without professional quality translations many companies have had to deal with extreme translation blunders which have ended up costing more than your translation project to begin with.

The smallest translation error can greatly affect the intended message and the consumers’ reaction to that message. An example is Pepsi’s slogan, ‘“Come alive with the Pepsi generation” that was translated into Chinese and was interpreted as, “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave.” For Pepsi trying to build brand awareness in China, this was a huge mistake.

Hiring a professional translation agency will save you time and money.

Tips on how to get the most optimized translation quote:

  • Review your documents and cut out unnecessary parts that are irrelevant to your target market. This will improve your audience engagement and you will save on fewer words.
  • Provide the Original Source Documents

PDF: If possible please submit the original document which the PDF was created from.

No fax or scans: It can take hours to rewrite the text and quality often makes it hard to read.

    • Realistic deadlines to avoid rush fees or compromising quality. As a rule of thumb, an African translator can translate around 1000 words per day and a proofreader can proof read about 1500 words per day.
    • Use Translation Memory for bigger projects, this applies to projects over 100 000 words only.
  • Choose a reputable translation agency. If an agency provides you with a very low quote, it may be possible they aren’t using native speaking translators or worse, Google translate. Don’t be too quick to pick the cheapest option.


I’m sure most of you have heard the quote from Kurt Vonnegut, “In this world, you get what you pay for.” Of course you will be able to find free online translations or extremely cheap translation services, but then you run the risk of, not only higher fees to fix blunders, you run the risk of damaging your brand.

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