Which industries rely on translation services

Which industries rely on translation services

A business can certainly go without translation services. Many businesses and companies do, if they only plan a niche market limited within a certain area. A local business that serves only a local clientele can go through its natural lifespan without ever needing a translation.

But these days, businesses are going global and more and more companies want to branch out and serve people all over the world. With the Internet and online commerce, this is getting far more common.

So which industries rely on translation services?

Every industry and business that operates across language, cultural and country lines requires translation services, but there are some industries that rely on them more than others. It really depends on who you ask. Some of the most commonly sought-out services include financial translation, and software localization, medical translation, legal translation, insurance translation and tourism translation. The automotive industry has a very high demand for language translation services, as cars are sold all over the world. Similarly, IT and technical translation for online, software, website and API based texts and materials also need translation, as customers could just as easily be in China as South Africa.

Some of the most commonly required languages for translation include German translation, Spanish translation and Filipino translation.

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