Why it makes sense to have your website translated

Why it makes sense to have your website translated

Having recently launched our own company website, we now understand the pride and sense of achievement that business owners feel when finalizing their website. After all, a website is your shop window and any business worth its salt in these competitive times needs to have a strong online presence.

A well-assembled site can be a simple, yet effective way to market and promote your company and its products or services. As owners of a translation company, we realise the importance of having our website content available in more than one language. That is why we are currently working on translating the information in several languages, including French, Xhosa and Portuguese???

What I have realized however, is that most companies I deal with, don’t recognize how significant an impact a website translated into more than one language can have on reaching and attracting new target markets. With rapid global expansion, the Internet has become the first place where people look for answers and information online. What better way then, of engaging these potential clients by communicating with them in their own language? Think how you have felt when browsing the Internet on a specific topic, only to come across websites in a foreign language and then not be able to understand a word!

Website translations have several benefits. Here are just three:

  1. People are more likely to click on your site if it’s in a language with which they are familiar.
  2. It also helps them feel at ease when browsing because they are not struggling to understand the content.
  3. Most importantly, they will get a much better idea of your product or service, thereby increasing the chance of them buying your product or service.

Sadly, it seems most companies realize the impact having their website translated into more than one language can have on reaching new target markets.

A common misconception among companies is having a translated website means they need to have a staff member that can speak the language. However, this is not the case. The important thing here is that you are showing foreign language customers that you care, understand they have specific needs and want to help them fulfill those needs as best as possible.

An example that illustrates this concept well in everyday life is how grateful most Africans are when whites use some indigenous words while conversing with them. They do not expect you to be fluent, but the fact that you have taken the trouble to learn a few key phrases or words in their language makes a huge difference in bridging the communication gap!

If your company has a website and there’s any chance your product or service could appeal to other-language target markets, it’s well worth considering approaching a reliable professional translation service to assist you. Lastly, like most things, leave the translation job to the professionals, to make sure your website content delivers a potent message in any language!

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