What we do


Translation is a form of communication that allows us to communicate the meaning of a source language into a specified target language of your choice.


Sworn Translation

Sworn translation is the same as a basic translation however the linguist will certify the faithfulness of the translation with an authority similar to that of a notary public.



Localisation is the way we translate your product into different languages or adapt a product for the use in a different country so that you can still send the same message without changing the meaning. Internationalization and localization is the translation of computer software specifically for the use in other environments, countries, nations and cultures. There are localization options for many communication fields such as Radio Navigation, Gaming, Dub (Television) and Satellite.



Proofreading by definition is what happens when a skilled linguist verifies/revises a manuscript, software text or any such content that has been previously translated. This is the process which picks up errors such as spelling mistakes and incorrect use of terminology. A proof reader will pick up issues in the content where applicable and correct the problems where necessary.


Reviewing and Editing

Reviewing and editing is the process of selecting and correcting errors in documentation, this applies once a document and or content has been translated and proofread by a linguist. To edit a document means to apply changes, revise and correct any issues such as incorrect terminology. Editing of documentation is not only limited to target documentation but also the source documentation which is often English text.



Transcription is the process of taking a sound recording and documenting it in its written form. This process is often used so that sound recordings can be understood in other language.